Comedian Brings Comedy to Comedy Clubless City By Opening Comedy Club for Comedy

Springfield,Missouri  What started out as a monthly comedy show two years ago has now transformed into the Blue Room Comedy Club in the heart of the Ozarks in southern Missouri. Watchout Yakov Smirnoff, there's a new comedy scene brewing in the ozarks.  "There are so many good comics in Springfield or from Springfield. Guys like Kenny Deforest and Mark Archambeault and many others needed a stage, there was no place for comedians to consistently get up. Now that's every Friday and Saturday night at 8pm, sometimes two shows a night."said Christopher Michael Ray, club manager and comedian.  "It's been really great so far, we haven't even been open a year and I feel we've already been able to get the word out that there's a new club in town featuring some of the country's best comics.




 Because we're in between so many cities we're able to get comics to add Springfield to their tour stops.  I get calls all the time from comics all over the country who've already heard great things about the Blue Room, it's great to think the clubs reputation has already spread to the coasts like that" Said C.M.R.  The club also live streams ten to fifteen minutes of each show on the weekends so LaughPrints recommends you follow them and check a show out.  To those of you in Southern Missouri and the Ozarks you can be happy to know that laughter is on sale now locally every week just down the street thanks to a comedian with a plan and a city without a comedy club.