CLEVELAND,OHIO Your Grandpa always told you how far money would go back in his day.  When A six pack of Coors original only cost 2.15 and you could grab a ticket to any NFL game for eight or nine bucks.  Well if your Grandpa isn't dead you should call him up and tell him that for eight dollars he can go to a game this weekend. Thats right, you can  purchase a ticket on StubHub for this Sundays Bengals at Browns game for almost free.   Will the Browns go winless? probably, so why not witness some NFL history for the price of a Hamburger at Five Guys Burgers (plus free peanuts).   

I know it seems ridiculous to pay 24.00 for parking especially when you're only paying 8.00 to get in but it gets worse. You'll be paying 9.00 for a beer and maybe 10.00 for some pizza, they don't lower food prices when your team is shitty unfortunately.