Davey Wester and Scott Shaffer stop in Tulsa on their way to everywhere.

Sunday Nov. 11th Blackbird On Pearl 8:30 No Cover

Davey Wester, national headliner and regular and the Hollywood Comedy Store and Scott Shaffer (Of IrrelevantScott.com fame) are headed to Tulsa. The national Davey Wester Jubilee featuring Scott Shaffer tour is stopping in Oklahoma for one of their ten show, eight state comedy tour. The Jubilee features both Wester and Shaffer along with a mix of the best local comedic talent. “The Jubilee started with my podcast, It’s just a good time, that’s it. We travel around the country and make people laugh and repeat” said Wester when asked to explain what the hell a “Jubilee” is.

His ability to make fun of anyone and anything and anytime is what makes his comedy a favorite all over the states. With Shaffer’s great stories of a life of debauchery mixed with great comedic timing makes for one memorable show.


ENJOY IT- BRODY STEVENS in Kansas City Wed Aug 8TH

     For the first time ever comedian Brody Stevens will be bringing his comedic stylings to Kansas City.   A favorite at the Hollywood Comedy Store along with numerous clubs all over the country.   One night only he'll be performing at the MOD Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri.  Comedians Davey Wester, Jon Schieszer and Jesse Turney will also be performing.  


brody circle1 (1) (1).jpg

Comedian Jesse Turney Has Enough "I'm NOT KEVIN OWENS"

     It was a simple life for comedian Jessie Turney until just a few years ago.  He could walk the streets and be noticed as the "I've seen you on stage right?" guy not the "Holy crap! can I get a selfie real quick Kevin?" guy.    Turney recently discussed his recented problems just going to the gas station "Three times in the past few weeks its been "Hey man, Sorry to bother you, are you? you're not by chance Kevin Owens are you?" yeah like Kevin Owens is getting a 64oz Mountain Dew at 11pm on a Tuesday in Kansas City".   

Which one's comedian Jesse Turney? 

Which one's comedian Jesse Turney? 

The similarities are uncanny so if you've stopped Turney recently don't feel bad.  You of course can see Jesse this summer performing at Jim's in Nevada,MO on Fri Aug 10th and Afton's in Lebanon,MO Sat Aug 11th along with featuring for comedian Tim Gaither later in August in Iowa.  "I guess i'm just going to start doing a lot more wrestling material" 

Headlining Comedians At The MOD

     Thursday May 10th 7:15-9:30 nationally touring comedians Davey Wester, Jon Schieszer, Patrick Mahon, Maeret Lemons and Jesse Turney invade Kansas City.   Wester a Hollywood Comedy Store regular has made the MOD Gallery a featured stop on his thirty show, ten state "Davey Wester Comedy Jubilee"comedy tour.  He's brought with him K.C. native Jon Schieszer along with regional greats in Mahon, Lemons and Turney.  

     The MOD has long been a Kansas City favorite not only for artists to showcase their talents but to see great live music and comedy.  The MOD is located on 1809 McGee St. in the crossroads district and It's location is one of the benefits of performing there according to Wester. "It's in the middle of everything, easy drive for the whole city".   With an amazing show, great price and location this is guaranteed to be one great night of comedy. 


Limited tickets available at the door night of the show for 15.00 or Pre-Sale online for 13.00

The District Theater's Stand Up Comedy Marriage

"We just wanted to provide  stand up comedy to the community, simple as that" said District Theater G.M. Darin Dixon.  This February 22nd will be the fifth comedy show at the District in the past six months with many more on the horizon.  "We're doing it every month!. Usually the third thursday but we're doing it. This months show is going to be on the twenty second" 

District Theater Feb 18 1.jpg


 It started last summer when three touring comedians from L.A. performed at the theater and after the show Dixon had an idea. "It was such a great night I told them they'd better come back.  Why not have a great comedy show here in town every month? The crowds have been loving the shows too"  The monthly show hosts national touring comedians based in L.A., showcasing some of the best comedians working today.  You expect to see the District Theater as you drive down Monterey in Gilroy now you can expect to see great stand up comedy there every month. 



LAUGH PRINTS is happy to announce a new MONTHLY comedy show at THE DISTRICT THEATER starting THURSDAY NOV 16TH.  The show will feature Ryan Talmo, A cornerstone in the L.A. comedy scene.  His #ValleyJesus comedy style will have you following him on instagram @RyanTalmo.   Also on the show is Jon Schieszer, a nationally headlining comedian who's the sarcastics guy from the Midwest.  Headlining on Nov 16th is Zoltan Kaszas who's album "Uncle McFatFat" is one of the most downloaded comedy albums on itunes in 2017.  He's headlined all over the country and will be a great headliner for what's going to be one sweet night of comedy and good times.  




UnionPressKC.com Presents "North Bound & West" Comedy run.  Three comics, one car and 3,000 miles.  Sandro Iocolano, Johnny Skourtis and Jon Schieszer pile into a rental and tare up the Pacific Coast and are headed to your city. 


Monday June 12th  Palm Lounge (Eureka Inn) 7pm  - Eureka,CA 

Tuesday June 13th  MERC Theater -TWISP,WA 7pm   TICKETS

Wednesday June 14th   Ambassador Winery 8pm  -  Woodinville,WA         

Thursday  June 15h   Tony V's 8pm - Everett,WA

Friday June 16th  The Old Warehouse 8pm - Zillah,WA 

Saturday June 17th  Johnny B's  8pm - Medford, OR 

Sunday June 18th   The District Theater  7pm- Gilroy,CA  


Hello, World!




Minneapolis and St.Paul residents woke up Sunday morning shocked to find that they no longer lived in the "Twin Cities".  Both Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri teamed up to declare themselves the new official "Twin Cities".  Many wondered how this could even be possible until you realize both cities share the EXACT SAME NAME, thus making them identical.  As you can clearly see in the map below, the word "Kansas City" appears twice.



Laugh Prints felt it necessary to help spread the good work around the world to make sure there is no confusion moving forward.  We decided we'd release the "Real Twin Cities" shirt which is now available for people everywhere as well as the old "Twin Cities" (they can help get the word out)  

Click Here For Ordering Details 

Click Here For Ordering Details 

Worst People Found On Black Friday

Not surprising to you that the most annoying person in your life woke up at five A.M. to save 50% on a iPhone that they already own.   You can't beat the savings, but you can't beat the beatings.  Some of these people obviously have NFL type athletic ability.  Here's a little holiday gift from Laugh Prints to you.  Thanks for gifting to others too. 

@LaughPrints suck'a 

Steelers fan goes Big Lebowski on TV after last second loss to Cowboys

Do you see what happens Steelers, when you screw over your die hards?   They go ape shit crazy and destroy thousands of dollars worth of flat screens.  We all have a few misunderstood  "Walter Sobchalk" moments in your lives, just remember that TV's cost money and without them your life is meaningless and unfulfilled so don't break them.  Just take a few deep breaths Steeler fan and remember, it could be a lot worse, you could live in Youngstown, OH.  Just sit back down and relax, realize there will be a next week and then finish the last three beers of that twelve pack.