Santa Barbara H.S. students protest Trump, forced to walk home to 1.1 million dollar homes.

Hundreds of angry High School students in quiet seaside town of Santa Barbara (Home to famous people, like Oprah) stormed out of school on wednesday afternoon in protest of the newly elected president.  One student, a Junior said "I mean, that's whats wrong with this country, Trump got elected, I mean so what if he won the electoral college thingy or whatever, like, that's bullshit man.  This is America, we have rights, you have rights, that's why we're walking out...for rights"   With that being said the mob made its way across the street a few blocks and stopped at the  local Chipotle.   Many of the protesters were left stuck at the Chipotle as there were only seven UBER drivers available to take more than 300 students home.  Many of the students were unable to reach their mothers for a ride due to the large Bikram yoga camp that wasn't letting out for another hour.   As a last ditch effort at least a hundred or so teens made their way back home on foot to their Santa Barbara median average 1.1 million dollar homes.  "It was awful,  I was so hungry I ended up eating a hamburger, with the bun and it wasn't even my cheat day" quoting one male student.