Trump Excuse Used To Rid Basketball Courts of Horrible "White Males" Nationwide

Apparently white males age 24-50 have been forced back to suburban civic centers and backyard basketball courts nationwide, at least that's what they think.   The past few days have been lonely for thousands of out of shape white guys playing basketball from coast to coast. "It's been kinda hard" said Steve Thomas of Louisville.


"I haven't been picked all day, just been sitting here.  The one time I did get picked yesterday they said 'I guess I'll take Trump dude'... I was the last pick".   Devastated Thomas said he'll be taking his game over to the local church tomorrow.  The other side of the conversation surprisingly had a different tone to it.  Interviewing some of the guys actually playing they had a different story. "Man, seriously, he said that?" was the reaction of one man. "Honestly, honestly, that dude sucks man (the group erupted in laughter), no serious.  I been playing with that guy for years, he's horrible.


 We weren't picking that guy last month to play, it has nothing to do with Donald Trump." When asked about the Trump comment from the day before they admitted to calling him Trump but it was only to "fuck with him".  "Seriously though, we haven't been picking that dude since W.(George W. Bush) was in office.  You remember Jon Koncak? , dudes probably one of the worst N.B.A. or W.N.B.A. players of all time to be real.  We used to call that Steve dude 'Koncak' every time he touched the ball, dribbling off his feet, passing the ball out of bounds, he's horrible" When clarifying that he was saying that Trump had nothing to do with Steve's benching he responded "Hell no, we've been trying to get get ride of that foul calling mother #&#&$ for years. He's always been a whiner"