Millions of Millennials w/out Cell phones after Parents cut them off

Households have always been divided by politics but it's reached a whole new level after this past Nov 8th election.  With Trumps "upset" victory (according to news outlets) many parents of millennials rejoiced after listening to months of Hillary backing from their still living at home, 26 year old kids.    When they  took to the streets to protest Trump's victory many parents said "enough is enough".   "I simply put it this way. If you're able to go walk around downtown blocking traffic for eight hours then you've got time to start paying your own cell phone bill.  We'll see how much live streaming from the streets and protest posts there'll be with no cell phone. " said one smiling parent in Chicago.   Verizon and Sprint had nearly 1,000,000 combined cell numbers removed from family phone plans over the past ten days.  "I'm guessing it's just  the parents way of reminding their adult children that they don't have their shit together.  I was kinda shocked at how many adults are on their parents phone plan. I wasn't shocked at the joy in the voices of those parents canceling phone plans" said one cell phone rep who asked not to be identified.  


Most parents are just happy to be relieved of the extra hundred dollar a month payment. "First she took all my old vinyl albums, took all my old clothes from the early 90's and we've been paying her cell phone since 2008. It feels like we've given enough, especially because she's STILL living in our basement" said one mother of her 24 year old daughter.   There's no love lost between these families just a lot more spending money for parents and grandparents all across America.